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Scapegoat €?

"Scapegoat €?" (documentary, 2014, 45 min) is a thought-provoking film on the euro crisis. It draws on interviews with top economists and debt managers who expose their analysis on the nature and sequence of the crisis in Europe - with results that provoke discussion. Thomas Mayer (former chief economist of Deutsche Bank), Paul De Grauwe (London School of Economics), Manfred Gärtner (University St. Gallen), Aymo Brunetti (University Bern), Bernd Raffelhüschen (University Freiburg), Marco Fortis (University Cattolica Milan) and Maria Cannata (Italian Treasury) expose their well documented findings. The final cut of the film structures the messages into a provocative thesis: The eurozone government debt crisis is another episode and consequence of the global financial crisis that erupted in 2007/2008 and brought the world economy almost down to its knees. The dimension and timing of the euro crisis cannot be explained without the disastrous impacts of that global crisis: The important losses in world economic growth performance, the explosion of public debt of governments that had to "pick up the pieces" (De Grauwe), the growing number of unemployed and the widening social hardship are now threatening Europe's cohesion. There is a risk that the Euro - which has its own problems and challenges due to its unfinished status - becomes the SCAPEGOAT for the ongoing financial, economic and social costs of the global financial crisis.   

Here is a preview of the film in full length. The film is a perfect starter for conferences on Europe. For presentations and conferences please send an email to: a.kockerbeck@kockis.com      

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